NYCF '10 Preview: Joel McHale

Photograph: Frank Ockenfels

Since joining the cast of NBC's Community, in addition to his gig as host of E!'s Talk Soup, Joel McHale has become quite the celebrity in the stand-up world. His onstage wit, which he'll bring to Carnegie Hall November 5 as part of the New York Comedy Festival, is what you'd expect: sardonic, sly, biting and very funny. He jokes about what he knows, which these days is often his two children.

What's the funniest thing one of your kids has done recently?
My five-year-old, Eddie, has started using the phrase For real? when questioning the truth of something. I will say, "Eddie—let's go ride giraffes!" and he'll say, "For real?" Also, we recently had a repairman at the house and after we gave him his instructions, Eddie told him that he was "good to go."

When will they be too old to talk about onstage?
I don't know...I really don't know. My guess is they will eventually wind up onstage talking about me.

What will be the next life change that you'll turn into material for a show?
Life change? I guess the sex reassignment surgery, if it's needed. But it seems like a huge sacrifice for a bit.

What's your favorite thing about playing in New York?
It's the greatest city in the world. Well, it's tied with Seattle, but it is pretty great.

McHale plays Carnegie Hall Friday, November 5.