Patton Oswalt plays the NYCF

He's the invisible donkey at the Oscars.

This year has been a productive one for Oswalt, who plays Town Hall as part of the New York Comedy Festival next month: He debuted his first serious film role in Big Fan and released his third album of absurdly silly and linguistically playful stand-up, My Weakness Is Strong, which is also a Comedy Central special. More importantly, he’s been reproductive.

Thanks, I’m actually walking with her right now through the Village.

Maybe your baby will be recognized.
Yeah, she’ll show up on Gawker Stalker.

“Patton Oswalt’s infant, spotted looking at bright light...”
“Trying to look cool at the Strand.”

Does she look like you?
She’s got the jowls. But fortunately she’s got my wife’s big, blue eyes and chin. The more she looks like my wife, the better it will be for her.

What will you do if you get nominated for Big Fan?
Wake up from the dream I’m having and realize that’s not going to happen. What’s something beyond the dark horse that they could invent to call me?

Um, invisible donkey?
Ghost pig? “Michelle Monaghan is the dark horse for Trucker, and then beyond that Patton Oswalt is the invisible donkey for Big Fan.”

Who would you thank if you won?
I’d probably be too stunned. I’d be up there yammering like an idiot, “Oh, this thing really is heavy.... Oops, my time’s up.” Or, “This feels like that pork shoulder I bought one time, that I... Oops, my time’s up. Bye.”

Whats another thing you could do that’s completely unlike you?
Maybe a remake of 9 1/2 Weeks with me in the Mickey Rourke role.

That would definitely bring a new twist to it.
Oh, boy. A new twist and a few folds.

In your special you claim to be so out of shape you can’t staple three pieces of paper together, but I saw you run a lot in Big Fan.
And we had to do that three times. You saw on film all of the exercise I got for the year.

Patton Oswalt plays Town Hall Nov 7. My Weakness Is Strong is available on CD/DVD ($15) and is currently airing on Comedy Central.

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