Review: Ding Dong Meow: The Andrea Rosen Show

A childlike adult writes herself into a smart, infectiously silly show.

Photograph: Stefano Giovanini

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

In the first moments of Ding Dong Meow: The Andrea Rosen Show, the comic solemnly kneels, prays that her dead cat Pico Oscar Boulevard gets a good view of her show from Heaven and is answered by Jesus (whose real name is Bernice, but who prefers Bernie, Bern or Buh). Twenty-five minutes later, Rosen's show ends as it began: powered by smart jokes and an exceeding, infectious silliness. There's no dramatic arc and no great gestalt, but it hardly matters; Rosen keeps the crowd's laughter rolling, delivering her canny material with a childlike excitement as a knowing smirk lingers on her lips.

Rosen tells stories, performs characters, reads disgruntled consumer letters she's written and offers audience members homemade cookies from a ceramic bowl. The character pieces—e.g., the allergic mafioso, the Aussie kangaroo who only has one impression—are short and sweet, and Rosen's commitment to their blatant absurdities makes them shine. Her stories charm. The tale of the bedroom fart going awry is delightfully ribald, oozing with visceral details that Rosen's shamelessness and impishness challenge you not to laugh at.

A fixture inon the New York stand-up scene, Rosen has cut her teeth until her gums have bled and scabbed over; her years of experience are evident throughout Ding Dong Meow. The script is chock-full of honed punch lines, and her ability to read the subtleties of her crowd's responses is significant. Above all, it's wonderful to see her package her uniquely zany perspective in a successful showcase. Go see the results, and be sure to get closer to the stage than Pico Oscar Boulevard—the cookies are delicious.

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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. By Andrea Rosen. 30mins. No intermission.