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Morgan Murphy and Snakes appear in the New York Comedy festival.


Who they are
A peppy hip-hop comedy duo that layers intelligent rhymes over dense beats made by one of Shaggy’s producers, Rich Royce.

What they do
Bring packed midnight crowds to their feet; display Harvard Sailing Team--honed sketch chops with sharp choreography and acting; revere the genre while jabbing at its stale clichs; sample The Price is Right.

Why we love them
Rare is the combo of competent rapper and idiosyncratic comedian. Billy Scafuri, left, and Adam Lustick get red-faced and exhausted in their commitment to spitting rhymes—even if their verses address the merits of boxers versus briefs or warn college pals about the perils of office life.—Matthew Love

Snakes: FutureSex/LoveSnakes takes place at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Sat 24.

Morgan Murphy

Who she is
A smart and disarmingly dark stand-up, who shot up through the L.A. scene and is now winning over New York with her cool confidence and a deadpan delivery.

What she does
Makes Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night monologues funny every night; performs Carlos Mencia’s material and accuses him of stealing it from her; makes the best of an accidental black eye by putting a JUST MARRIED sign on her car.

Why we love her
Although Morgan is aworkhorse behind the scenes (she’s been crafting deliberate one-liners since the age of 18), onstage she quietly reels in fans with an unassuming persona—so her unitard-clad rapping Hanukkah fairy at Aimee Mann’s Christmas show this past year was a special treat.—Jane Borden

Morgan Murphy performs at TotallyJ/K Wed 28 and at the Comedy Cellar (visit

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