Watch the ultimate commuter MetroCard disaster unfold in this new Shorts Show comedy sketch

Bask in subway schadenfreude as the impatient New Yorker meets the MetroCard moron in the latest piece from the Brooklyn comics

Here’s a quick tip for feeling better about your life: Laugh at some horribly tortured schmuck suffering through some situation that you are no longer in.
In their aptly titled MetroCard Nightmare, local sketch troupe The Shorts Show plays out the pained dread that subsumes each and every New York commuter who is out of swipes and knows that the train is on its way, but cannot get past the asshat attempting to use the MetroCard machine. (Said asshat, of course, is blithely unaware of the urgency with which normal New Yorkers live their lives and carries on with all the speed and dexterity of a legless tortoise.)
Billed as "Brooklyn's Worst," the troupe is a big crew with some pretty high production values, and in the last year have amassed a bunch of parodies including a mash-up of Teen Wolf and Wolf of Wall Street, and a version of Blurred Lines about the NSA. MetroCard Nightmare was written by Nick Snow, and features Corey Scott Rutledge and Grant Lancaster.
Hipsters will understand this video most acutely, as it takes place on the L platform, but know that they would never laugh at it now because you've heard of it.

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