Will New Yorkers have sex with Paul Rudd for $1?

Billy Eichner hauls the affable Rudd around NYC to find out who'd take him to the mat in the latest Billy on the Street

Ah, the joys of being a New Yorker: Some days, you're just wandering around the Flatiron Building, eating lunch and minding your own business, when a man races up alongside Paul Rudd, shoves a mike in your face and asks if you'd have sex with Rudd for a dollar.

Billy Eichner and the rest behind Billy on the Street have produced some excellent tape of late—including a competition involving Lena Dunham, Billy's nemesis Elena and a cow standing in the middle of the Meatpacking District—but the latest clip from the Funny or Die/Fuse series is pretty irresistible.

Despite the obvious unease one might feel having total strangers confess whether or not they'd jump your bones, Rudd is—as always—game. Eichner's bullying blowhard routine is perfectly calibrated, denying one woman a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hug the "charming and absolutely adorable" star and snatching a dollar from another woman's hand when she laments how Rudd is being "paraded around." And though it's obvious every sane person, male or female, would agree to the proposition outright, there's still trouble. (When two older ladies agree that they'd both have sex with him for free, Rudd wails, "At the same time?!")

P.S. New Yorkers, if you want to have your Billy on the Street moment, wander around the Flatiron Building while eating your lunch! Almost all of Eichner's celebrity "lightning rounds" take place while he and the celeb in question wheel around and around the landmark piece of architecture.

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