You can take it with you

Five local favorites launch national projects.


The College Humor Show

MTV (premieres Sun 8 at 9:30pm)
Since launching a decade ago, has matured from a clearinghouse of amateur clips about boobs and accidental injury to one of the most respected producers of original, intelligent content about boobs and accidental injury—and other stuff, we kid. And now the gang of writer-performers is tackling TV. The autobiographical, sitcom-style series is as silly and fraternal as you'd expect. Bonus: Nick Kroll appears in the first episode, in a very funny role that also exhibits an endearing self-awareness from CH.

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<em>The College Humor Show</em> | <em>The Will to Whatevs</em>
<em>Important Things with Demetri Martin</em>
<em>I'd Rather We Got Casinos</em> | <em>Delocated</em>

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