Interview: Ann Liv Young

The choreographer-as the radio-program host Sherry-presides over a performative yard sale.

  • CHARACTER STUDY Ann Liv Youngs shows Incarnation of Sherry

CHARACTER STUDY Ann Liv Youngs shows Incarnation of Sherry

For her latest theatrical adventure, choreographer Ann Liv Young will transform her yard into a stage. As Sherry, the chatty, entrancing and slightly exasperated Christian radio-show personality, Young—along with sidekicks Thomas (Michael Guerrero) and Gloria (Isabel Lewis)—hosts a new sort of event: part sale, part performance. No matter what, count on unpredictability. As for what to buy, along with the typical useful and useless junk, you’ll find performance memorabilia from past shows like Solo, Snow White and The Bagwell in Me—signed, of course.

"Sherry is from Murfreesboro, North Carolina, along with Thomas and Gloria. She is, I would say, very conservative, but progressive at the same time. All three of them are racially progressive. They’re progressive as far as gender [rights] go. They run a Christian radio station, but they call it a 'dynamic Christian radio station.’ Whatever that means."

"I have no clue what it might become. We’re going to set up a bunch of tables—if it rains we have a huge tarp—and we’ll sell a bunch of stuff. We have a dishwasher, some shipping crates, and then I have a bunch of props that we’re going to try and get rid of. We just did this European tour, and after some of the shows we sold props from the show, because I didn’t want to take them back home, and that was awesome. I’m just trying to clean out; I just have too much junk. Who else should do a yard sale but Sherry? I think it’s kind of perfect."

"Sherry is very into her appearance. My entire attic is just Sherry clothes. I just did a show where I was Sherry’s sister. She’s a death coach; many characters are starting to evolve—along the same vein as Sherry but different. Sherry is hard for me to describe because I think, in some ways, she’s a mixture of my mom, people I grew up with, my dad and me. And then some made-up things."

"I think it’ll be something. If anything, it’ll hopefully make a good video. We’re going to film it. I’m excited to figure out what I’m going to wear. What is Sherry going to wear to host a yard sale? I have really great tapered jeans that are super high-waisted and I was thinking maybe Sherry would do her hair in two braids. [Laughs] That’s very garage sale."

"I’ve never done a yard sale before, but I’ve been doing shows at my house that are sort of similar. They’ve been kind of awesome. It’s a nice way to talk about the work without talking about the work. I can speak directly to people. There are a lot of questions about who I am and what the work is, and I feel like in that setting—my house—I can really address questions in a nondirect direct way. There are no rules. Aside from don’t steal anything and don’t hurt my dog."

Ann Liv Young's Yard Sale is at Sherry's House Sat 27.