Best new hand at seafood: April Bloomfield, the John Dory

OTHER NOMINEES: Alain Allegretti, Allegretti; Michael Bicocchi, Flex Mussels; Eric Hara, Fishtail by David Burke

At the Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield built a cult following with her supreme gastropub fare—and by plying us with butter and fat. It's no wonder then that her new venture offers some of the most impeccably sourced seafood in town—and some of the richest. While we could eat raw-bar revelations, like candy-sweet bay scallops (simply kissed with olive oil, lemon and sea salt), three times a week, decadent entres, like her creamy, buttery herbed shellfish stew, are more special-occasion fare. Isn't that what dining out is all about? The John Dory Oyster Bar 85 Tenth Ave between 15th and 16th Sts (212-929-4948)