Best new restaurant: Momofuku Ko

OTHER NOMINEES: Convivio, Corton, The Oak Room (at the Plaza Hotel)

Has the Momo-mania subsided? Not yet. David Chang's Ko, the most buzzed-about opening in recent memory, won this contest in a landslide. While we don't question your love, we wonder how many voters have actually scored seats. If you're one of the lucky few who have successfully negotiated the ultracompetitive online reservation system, you may be familiar with the multiple whimsical courses that borrow as freely from European and Asian traditions (frozen foie gras torchon grated over lychees and riesling gele) as they do from the white-trash canon (cake-batter ice cream). The barstools aren't the most comfortable, but for a chance to experience this trophy meal? Say readers: "Worth it." Momofuku Ko 163 First Ave between 10th and 11th Sts (