Brewing iced coffee

The task: Brewing iced coffee
The pro: Jenni Bryant, manager at Gimme! Coffee (228 Mott St between Prince and Spring Sts, 212-226-4011)

Illustrations: Atsuhiro Aisho

Step 1
Pour half a pound of fresh, coarsely ground coffee and a half gallon of room-temperature water into a pitcher. Agitate the mixture gently to ensure that the grounds are saturated.

Step 2
Steep for approximately 12 hours (or overnight) at room temperature to produce a concentrate that will form the base of your iced coffee.

Step 3Once the coffee has steeped, strain it by pouring the liquid slowly through a fine-meshed sieve into a second pitcher. (Transferring the mixture slowly will keep most of the sediment in the original pitcher.)

Step 4
Dump the grounds from the filter and strain the concentrate a second time. Bryant recommends lining the sieve with a piece of cheesecloth or a brewer’s hop bag to catch the finer particles.

Step 5
To serve, pour two parts coffee and one part water over ice. Refrigerate leftover concentrate for later—it can keep for up to five weeks in the fridge.