Date our friends chefs, bakers, barkeeps...

We've all had fantasies about dating a food-world pro. Here's your chance to make it real.

Photographs: Roxana Marroquin


Chef-owner, Batch, P*ONG; partner, Manhattan Milk
Seeking men
What Ong’s food says about him: “Nearly every dish I have starts off with a zest, a saltiness or bitterness at first and then has a sweet finish. That’s also reflected in my personality: I’m a sweet person, but I’m not saccharine.”
Seeking: “I’d like to meet someone who is dynamic and accomplished. I work a lot, so I’d like someone who can provide me with an escape.”


Owner, baker, driver, the Treats Truck
Seeking men
What Ima’s food says about her: “We all need treats in our lives, and we need them every day... Whenever someone buys a brownie, I always ask whether they want a ‘corner, center or side’ piece. Don’t we all deserve to be asked that?”
Seeking: “I want to find someone who really appreciates what they have. Someone with a full plate of work, play, family and friends.”


Executive chef, wine director, Bloomingdale Road
Seeking women
What Witt’s food says about him: “I’m doing a lamb dish that’s based on the flavors of a mint julep. It’s one of my more subtle dishes but well thought-through. I think about everything before it happens, but I’m still spontaneous.”
Seeking: “I can’t be with someone who isn’t driven.… I like to shop, so my exes have been taken care of pretty well.”


Coproprietress, Blue Marble Ice Cream
Seeking men
What Dundas’s food says about her: “I think the ice cream is sophisticated without being pretentious. It’s what it appears to be. In ice cream there’s whimsy, fun, joy, and it’s very social. I’m definitely that way.”
Seeking: “In my other life I’m an actor, so I’d like someone that appreciates the arts… I don’t want a slacker. He has to be a grown-up. A grown-up who loves ice cream.”


Former executive chef, Centro Vinoteca, Gusto; star of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
Seeking men
What Burrell’s food says about her: “My food is aggressively seasoned, in-your-face. It’s creative and thoughtful, but still subtle and purposeful. It speaks to who I am. I’m a little left of center: lots of fun and a little nutty, but I can also be relaxed and chill.”
Seeking: “I want someone who can keep up with me, and who has a personality as big as mine.”


Bartender, Death & Company
Seeking men
What Day’s drinks say about him: “The sort of bartending that I do is a joy, but it’s very meticulous. That ties into my personality well.… I wear a tie and vest or suspenders six nights a week—you can’t work in this part of the industry without being a little bit of a dandy.”
Seeking: “I’m looking for someone independent and passionate about what they do. The things that I respect in myself I’d hope for in someone I’d date: loyalty and honesty.”


Chef–co-owner, Annisa; chef-owner, Bar Q; chef-partner, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
Seeking women
What Lo’s food says about her: “My food is always about balance, about melding cultures. Hopefully it’s always about deliciousness.”
Seeking: “I’m looking for someone around my age. Someone smart and educated. I’m attracted to pretty girls.… I want someone who can teach me something. And someone who eats everything.”


Co-owner, Southpaw, Public Assembly, Franklin Park
Seeking women
What Roff’s venues say about him: “Music influenced me for a big portion of my teenage and early-adult years. At Southpaw and Public Assembly I’m always on. Franklin Park is my laid-back side.”
Seeking: “I’m out five, six nights a week. I need someone who can deal with that. I like smart, beautiful women. I like adventurous girls and girls who know how to fucking drive.”

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Executive chef, Bar Blanc
Seeking women
What Zijp’s food says about him: “I put a lot of energy into sourcing my ingredients and using them as purely and as simply as possible to let them shine. I guess I’m also just very pure and simple. I just love the beauty of the way things are. I don’t like to overcomplicate or manipulate things.”
Seeking: “I’d like somebody who shares my interests, but also has some new ones that I would have never thought of. Somebody with the same passion as I have, but who also is very unique in her own life. She should be sweet and funny and caring and intelligent—someone who is willing to take risks in relationships and step out of their comfort zone.… I like curves here and there. I’m just looking for someone who is cute, sexy and confident.”


Executive chef, Crave on 42nd; Top Chef contestant, season one
Seeking men
What Martin’s food says about him: “I call it upscale comfort food. It says that I’m real, I’m fun and whimsical. I’m a dork and I don’t care that I’m a dork—that’s just who I am.… [Top Chef] was just a moment in time. It was a great time but now I’m back to busting my butt.”
Seeking: “I’m looking for all the good qualities: smart, successful and hardworking. I don’t think lazy guys would really get along with me. We’d have to have things in common. They have to like to eat and drink, but not too much of either. My world really revolves around good food, good wine and bad TV.”


Executive chef, Le Cirque
Seeking women
What Bellanca’s food says about him: “I think the food we do at Le Cirque is very simple and very elegant. I am also a simple guy, a little shy and very sensitive. I prefer to listen to people than to speak about myself.”
Seeking: “To me family is very important. I have two tattoos: One says humility and perseverance and the other says maman and papa. I would like to find a woman with similar values, and who is intelligent with a good sense of humor. Of course, I like a beautiful lady, but in New York there are a lot of beautiful ladies. For me, charm is more important than beauty, but she should have a big heart and beautiful eyes.”


Chef-owner, Shorty’s .32
Seeking women
What Eden’s food says about him: “In some ways meeting women is like cooking—if you’re working too hard with a dish, it’s time to give it up. I think my food says that I don’t take myself too seriously. Life is too short to not have a good time with it. My food is simple and straightforward with big flavors. I’m a fairly simple guy, and I’m definitely straightforward. I’m also fairly spontaneous. As nerve-racking as that can be, it can lead to cool things in and out of the kitchen.”
Seeking: “I like strength in a woman. Independence is super important. Any man would be foolish if he wasn’t looking for a strong woman. Relationships are partnerships in so many different ways. You need someone who likes you as much as you like them. [Physically,] I think whenever a woman accentuates a curve it’s beautiful. A woman can be beautiful in black knee-high boots and a skirt, but I also think a girl in overalls and white T-shirt is sexy. It sounds cheesy, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Executive chef, Talay
Seeking women
What Schwader’s food says about him: “The food gives a background of who I am. There are a lot of different flavors, a lot of variety and a lot of spice. I have this persona in the kitchen that I’m a hard-ass, but I’m really just a pussycat.”
Seeking: “I need someone who can make me laugh. I take life seriously but I need to relax. I’m really open to anything. For me it’s really about personality; if there’s an instant attraction, you know it. I do have an attraction to tall, blond women. I grew up surrounded by them in the Midwest. But the lady I’m with has to be able to eat everything. If you’re a picky eater, it doesn’t matter how hot you are.”


Pastry chef, Delicatessen
Seeking men
What Chang’s food says about her: “With desserts I think it’s necessary to be whimsical and playful. I’m a comfortable person with a tendency toward simplicity, and I think that comes across.”
Seeking: “I want a fun, honest guy. Someone who likes sports, especially football—they don’t have to be a Giants fan. I want him to be outgoing but not cocky. If I had the time, I’d love to be more outdoorsy: hiking, traveling… I was just in China and I found it so invigorating, so empowering. I’d like to share that with someone.”