Evans' Farmhouse Creamery lemon yogurt

Photograph: Beth Levendis

In a world where lemon yogurt—let alone good lemon yogurt—is hard to find, Evans’ Farmhouse Creamery’s version satisfies my cravings for both lip-puckering zing and live acidophilus cultures. Put to rest any visions of plastic containers in which quivering pale blobs squat atop yellow puddles that taste more like NutraSweet than anything plucked from a citrus tree. Flavored with lemon oil and just a bit of maple syrup, and crowned with a layer of gloriously thick cream, the velvety concoction is more akin to lemon curd than to a diet food. Its appeal led at least one fan to proclaim, with an almost indecent sigh, that it’s “far and away the best I’ve ever had.” It only sweetens the sour deal that the Evans’ Farmhouse Creamery, which is located upstate and certified organic, is one of the few dairies to pasture its animals. So let’s rejoice over this lemon yogurt that isn’t, well, a lemon. $2.25 at Marlow & Sons, 81 Broadway at Berry St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-384-1441)