Five whiskeys worth the hangover

The JakeWalk
Order: Tuthilltown Spirits, Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey ($16)
The first rye whiskey produced in New York since Prohibition is floral and smooth.

Fette Sau
Order: Jim Beam, 1976 Bicentennial Norman Rockwell edition ($18)
Fette Sau will open this most patriotic of spirits on Friday 4.

Bar BQ
Order: Elijah Craig 18 ($5.50)
Spicy, fruity and a great place to start for the whiskey newbie. Plus, it’s cheap.

Dram Shop
Order: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon ($9)
This bold limited-edition bourbon is best suited for the seasoned whiskey drinker.

Clover Club
Order: Sazerac Rye ($10)
Hugely popular inthe pre-Prohibition Northeast, it starts clean and finishes spicy.