How to prepare a classic Bloody Mary

Learn from Harold Dieterle and John McNulty of Perilla.

Step 1
Use a two-piece Boston shaker and fill the bottom of the mixing glass with seasonings. Start with a heaping ½ teaspoon of fresh horseradish, a layer of Worcestershire sauce (about a ½ tablespoon), six dashes of Tabasco (or more to taste) and ¼ teaspoon of celery salt. Squeeze in juice from half a lemon.

Step 2
Pack the glass three fourths of the way with ice and pour in one and a half to two ounces of vodka (try organic Tito’s Handmade). Fill the rest of the glass with tomato juice, leaving a half inch of space at the top. McNulty likes to use V8, because the vegetable content adds some body to the drink.

Step 3
Top the concoction with two grinds of black pepper before mixing. Do not agitate a Bloody Mary—you don’t want to develop froth. Instead, pour the drink back and forth between the pint glass and the metal one to gently blend the ingredients.

Step 4
Garnish the traditional way—with a celery stick. Trim the root and leafy tip and submerge the stalk in the pint glass. McNulty adds a lemon wedge on the rim to amp up the acidity.--Jordana Rothman

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