Morning bars

Jeremy's Ale House

Jeremy's Ale House Photograph: Sashia Benjamin

Q I work the late shift. Are any bars open early in the morning, when I get off?—Lucy Rose, midtown

A The State Liquor Authority mandates that bars can’t serve alcohol until 8am, after which you can nab a morning refresher at crotchety saloon Holland Cocktail Lounge (532 Ninth Ave between 39th and 40th Sts, 212-502-4609). You’ll encounter oldies on the juke, a scuffed counter, and well-priced mixed drinks (starting at $4) and beers (just $3 for a pint of McSorley’s Ale or Bud). If you’re in Brooklyn in the a.m., there’s no better bet than grungy old-timer Jackie’s 5th Amendment (404 Fifth Ave at 7th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-788-9123). Join the grizzled morning boozers for a $3.75 gin and tonic, or “nips”: a half-dozen seven-ounce beers (Bud, Coors Light or Miller High Life) served in an icy bucket for $9. But for a classic sunrise celebration, cruise to the South Street Seaport’s bra-decorated dive, Jeremy’s Ale House (228 Front St between Beekman St and Peck Slip, 212-964-3537). Now that the Fulton fishmongers no longer congregate here, it’s mostly construction workers and the odd tie-clad businessman. Order the venerable “eye-opener”: A Styrofoam quart of frothy Coors costs a scant $3.50 until 10am, which should do quite nicely as your last call.

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