Puff Daddy

Photograph: Stephanie Gussin

Remember when autumn was all about waiting for Mallomars to hit the grocery store shelves? Now there’s another contender for your cookie affections. To the graham-cracker-marshmallow-chocolate canon of sweets (s’mores, Whippets and Scooter Pies, too), we can now add the Big Daddy, a small-batch, fair-trade entrant from Seattle’s Theo Chocolates. In an impressive feat, the company all at once pays homage to and distinguishes itself from nostalgia-inducing faves with its insistence on organic ingredients. In an even more iconoclastic move, the gooey layered treat upsets the choco-marshmallow-cookie paradigm by adding a layer of buttery caramel. This inspired alteration elevates the already winning combo to gourmet status, while retaining its comfort-food appeal. Each Big Daddy is roughly the size of a ring box, big enough to share (and if you’re a kid, eat with two hands). We recommend enjoying it at room temperature, the better to experience the distinct textures and flavors in a single bite. A swirl of alder wood-smoked milk chocolate (or dark—Big Daddy comes in both varieties) for decoration is another fillip. Attractively packaged three to a box and secured with a retro-styled paper strip, either variety would make a fine gift. Theo offers a peanut butter version, too—but that’s a whole other ball game. Available for $9.99 at Whole Foods; for locations visit wholefoods.com

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