Q&A: Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes

The stars of Promises, Promises on drinking, American Idol and tweeting on Ambien.

Kristin, you're all over the Internet. But Sean, I couldn't find anything juicy about you online.
Hayes: Fantastic! Love it! Look at Matt Damon: I don't know anything about him. I'm like, I think he's married, I think he has kids...I don't know. I love that.
Chenoweth: I love that about him and you, too.

So no social networking for you, Sean?
I tried it but I'm just not into it. I'm good with e-mails, I'm not great with phone calls. The delays and the pauses over the phone...I'd rather do it in person or via email. I'm a real homebody. I go to work and go home.

You're so...
Boring. I know.

I'm going to cut you out and only feature Kristin.
Fantastic! That makes me feel good!

You really don't like doing this, talking about yourself.
Nope. I don't like interviews, I've been burned too many times, but it has nothing to do with you. I respect you as a human being, but it's hard for me to respect the edict you get from your bosses to get a story, at all costs.
Chenoweth: Or when they just make one up.

Sean, you starred in the Encores! series's Damn Yankees a few seasons back. Why didn't it get a commercial transfer?
I don't know if you should print this or not...oh well, it's done. This is the thing: It really doesn't have that strong of a book. The perception is that it's a really good book. The music and the choreography are phenomenal. But if you really start to analyze the script and pick it apart, it makes no sense! If the Devil can do this in this scene, why can't he do it later? If he can change Lola here, why couldn't he change her there? A lot of the rules haven't been figured out, and it's a little dated. So it would be a wonderful challenge if somebody did want to do Damn Yankees again, to start from scratch and really develop the rules of the world. Was that mean to say? I don't want to offend the people who love it. Anyway, I heard that Craig [Zadan] and Neil [Meron, both producers on Promises, Promises] are going to do Damn Yankees the movie, with Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Promises was a big hit in 1968. Do you worry that it may seem dated?
It's about a love triangle, so I think it doesn't matter when it was written. Chenoweth: Look at Mad Men. It's set in that era, but we can still appreciate it now. In fact, our director told us the other day that The Apartment is the source material for that series.
Hayes: We're very much playing real people in a real world. We're not caricatures.
Chenoweth: Right. Today there are still women who have affairs with married men, and married men who say they're going to get divorced and don't. These are still issues we have in 2010.

So have you shown each other your—

I was going to say awards.
[Laughs] I love it! How am I going to get through this show?
Hayes: Ew, how gross would that be?
Chenoweth: [Singing] I'll show you mine...
Hayes: [Joining in] You show me yours! [Speaking] Wait, what is that?
Chenoweth: A Chorus Line.
Hayes: We're so in sync.

Promises, Promises begins previews Mar 27 and opens Apr 25.

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