Sake bombing

Azuki Sushi

Azuki Sushi Photo: Talia Simhi

Q. What is sake bombing and where can I do it?—Laura Phillips, Lower East Side

A. Sake bombing, or the practice of dropping a hot shot of sake into a cold pint of beer and then downing the mixture, is especially popular at Azuki Sushi (239 Park Ave South between 19th and 20th Sts, 212-228-3611) where sake is free if you spend $15 or more on your meal (beers are $4 to $7 each). The sake bombing scene has exploded at the East Village Sake Bar Satsko (202 E 7th St between Aves B and C, 212-614-0933), thanks in part to their Sunday night chug-a-thons. Between 10 and 11pm, patrons who pay $10 can partake in a drinking competition with other bargoers; whoever pounds two sake bombs fastest gets a free Satsko’s t-shirt. Losers can buy theirs at the bar for $15.