You need to know about: Artisanal Japanese Whale Knives

Stuff we're obsessed with this week.

Photograph: Lindsay M Taylor

These playful blades aren't built for slicing through a blubbery whale steak, but they will bring a bit of oceanic flair to your table setting. The three handmade designs—a sperm whale with a large curved head, plus more streamlined finback and baleen whales—are cut from durable steel that beautifully mimics the mottled, blueish-gray hue of their animal inspiration. Tetsu Yamashita, a sickle-maker who has been recognized by the Japanese government for his traditional craftsmanship, started the series when he was asked to create a roundheaded pencil sharpener for kids. (Although we wouldn't suggest handing one of these bad boys to little Johnny.) You can pick them up at EN Japanese Brasserie, which has recently launched a small boutique selling artisanal Japanese household crafts. Available at the Shop at EN Japanese Brasserie, 435 Hudson St at Leroy St (212-647-9196). $48 each.

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