You need to know about: Cool mugs for tea lovers

Tea drinkers are an exceedingly ritualistic bunch: We like our hot water at a certain temperature, our milk stirred in just the right way. And, like a toddler clinging to a security blanket, we are fiercely loyal to our favorite mugs. I've been faithful to my Phil Collins--emblazoned tankard for some time, but in 2012, I'm ready to upgrade to the ultimate mug for tea obsessives: MyCuppa Tea, created by cheeky London design firm Suck UK. The inner rim is adorned with a color-matching guide to help you achieve your uncompromising standards—just pour in milk until the bevvy's shade matches one of four swatches: "Just Tea," "Builders Brew," "Classic British" or "Milky." (There's also a coffee version for those who prefer a cup of joe.) But while the forward-thinking mug addresses the practical needs of the tea enthusiast, we're also a whimsical lot. For something more decorative, look to English artist Matt JOnes's range of "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea" vinyl toys. The uberlimited "Mr. Tea" edition—a punning homage to the mohawk-sporting '80s icon—comes with a cup and saucer, a golden stirrer and sugar cubes, and a vinyl figure of Mr. T poking out of the top. MyCuppa Tea: Available at, $12. Mr. Tea: Available at; $133, mini $62.

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