Breaking: HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival’s lineup is hot and sweaty

If you like paying nothing to see sultry movies in public spaces, your day is made

Movies in the park: HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

Movies in the park: HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival Photograph: Ethan Lercher, Bryant Park Corporation

We’re blessed with many outdoor film festivals in this town, but Bryant Park makes a strong case for Monday-night supremacy: It really gets the idea that heat plays a part in it. The series kicks off on June 16 with Saturday Night Fever (bring your pizza and go double-stacked), where you can expect attendees to turn the screening into a participatory, hip-swinging experience. And while you surely remember the Crane and “Sweep the leg, Johnny” from The Karate Kid (August 4), don’t forget that this is one of the great summer movies—a cruel summer, in fact. How unbearably romantic would it be if you went to see Bogie and Bacall in the hurricane-drenched romance Key Largo (July 28), and it rained? Then again, if you’re not buying this whole hot-movies thing, there’s always The Shining on August 18. And if you think that movie’s hot, we’re going to set up our blanket over there, thanks.

June 16: Saturday Night Fever

June 23: The Mark of Zorro

June 30: A Soldier’s Story

July 7: Blazing Saddles

July 14: Suddenly, Last Summer

July 21: National Lampoon’s Vacation

July 28: Key Largo

August 4: The Karate Kid

August 11: Lover Come Back

August 18: The Shining