Cate Blanchett in a Woody Allen triumph, plus four more movies to see this weekend

Time Out New York's Film editors have your picks for the best movies playing in NYC

The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Burning with Woody Allen's most heartbreaking lead performance in years (courtesy of Cate Blanchett), Blue Jasmine goes dark and deep. Read our review

A posh upper-cruster and the hired help engage in a passive-aggressive battle of wits in The Servant, Joseph Losey's 1963 masterpiece. Read our review

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The elements are familiar—a rural house, a vulnerable family, some pissed-off demonic spirits—but The Conjuring knows how to use them. Read our review

In the deeply disturbing The Act of Killing, the unrepentant perpetrators of an Indonesian genocide reenact film scenes to explain their actions. Read our review

Killer whales may thrill water-park crowds, but their regular mistreatment should be cause for nervousness, as Blackfish shows. Read our review

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