Exclusive: Director Guy Maddin on Careful

We could have written a glowing review of gorgeous 1992 cult object Careful, out this week in a deluxe new transfer (Zeitgeist, $29.99). But why not have its maker, Canadian retro-auteur Guy Maddin, do so himself?

My screenwriter, George Toles, wanted to make a pro-incest movie! I, meanwhile, wanted to create a German mountain picture without ever having seen one, figuring I might at least annoy a few Bavarians. We ended up combining our desires, and the result was this bosom-quivering, candy-colored melodrama about two families perched on an alpine slope so susceptible to avalanche that citizens dare not even think bad thoughts, lest they be swept into oblivion.

I made the movie at my maddest, my most perfervidly ambitious, because I didn’t yet realize the fatal foolishness of building a C.B. DeMille--caliber indoor mountain range out of papier-mch, then painting a forest blue, leaf by leaf, turning thousands of shivering, unemployed Winnipeg locals to these impossible tasks with the ravings of my visionary delusions! I made my actors in this “opera without singing” perform all their lines in whispers: “Repress-o-Vision,” I later boasted. Heaven—if there is one—help me, for I had the greatest fun during this, my reign of terror!
Guy Maddin

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