Read our exclusive Q&A with Under the Skin star Scarlett Johansson

We spoke with the actor about the strange and engrossing extraterrestrial-on-earth thriller Under the Skin. Just how alien did she have to get?

“I found it really challenging, because there’s no way to relate your own experiences, since they’re completely irrelevant. I had to wash myself of judgment, self-awareness, anticipation, doubt.” So says the actor of her experience filming Jonathan Glazer's heady sci-fi feature Under the Skin. Those who know the actor only as the alluring, ass-kicking Black Widow in Marvel's blockbusters are in for a shock: She pushes herself like never before as a predatory alien who slowly starts to pity her prey. Read what she has to say about her visionary director (“He’s something else, definitely”), the film's unique production process and more in this exclusive, one-on-one interview with Scarlett Johansson.

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