Scarecrow and four more movies to see this weekend

Time Out New York's Film editors have your picks for the best movies playing in NYC



Gene Hackman and Al Pacino search for an elusive American dream in Scarecrow, a low-key ’70s road movie. Read our review

A vacationing British couple lets its buried criminal impulses run wild in Sightseers, a top-notch black comedy from filmmaker Ben Wheatley. Read our review

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More impressive with each outing, actor-turned-director Sarah Polley turns a documentary eye on her family’s history in Stories We Tell. Read our review

The power struggle between a 19th-century neurologist and his exploited female patient adds erotic frisson to Augustine, a historical French drama. Read our review

Selling a prized mastiff is much harder than you’d think, as demonstrated in Old Dog, a meditative, deadpan Tibetan drama. Read our review

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