The 30 most exciting fall films to keep your eye on

Don’t book your autumn without making room for these promising fall films—the best of Hollywood, the art house and beyond.

  • Fall films: Looper

  • Fall films: Trouble with the Curve

  • Fall films: Frankenweenie

  • Fall films: The Paperboy

  • Fall films: Sister

Fall films: Looper


Judging by the impressively distinctive Brick and The Brothers Bloom, we’re more than loopy for the latest from writer-director Rian Johnson: a time-traveling thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hit man out to kill an older version of himself (Bruce Willis). (Sept 28)

Trouble with the Curve

Clint Eastwood lends his services to producing partner Robert Lorenz’s directorial debut, playing a baseball scout who’s going blind and out to nab one last star recruit. Luckily, the character’s daughter (Amy Adams) is along for the ride. (Sept 21)


It’s alive! (Again!) Tim Burton expands his 1984 live-action short about a young boy who raises his dog from the dead into what looks like a stunning black-and-white stop-motion feature. (Oct 5)

The Paperboy

This lurid Southern gothic from Precious writer-director Lee Daniels was an argument magnet at Cannes. If anyone’s gonna watch Nicole Kidman pee on Zac Efron’s jellyfish stings, it’s gonna be us! (Oct 5)


French writer-director Ursula Meier follows up her acclaimed fiction feature, Home (2008), with a mysterious drama about an itinerant pair of siblings who live on the outskirts of a Swiss ski resort. Bonus: a plum supporting role for the luminous Gillian Anderson. (Oct 5)