The New York Film Festival

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Father, lover, teacher, comrade, terrorist: Olivier Assayas's impossibly rich dramatization of the life of global radical Ilich Ramrez Snchez—infamously known in the 1970s as Carlos the Jackal—finds the already esteemed director of Summer Hours at the top of his game. Hesitantly, we'll add that this is a five-and-a-half-hour sit (it was originally conceived for French TV), but you won't be suffering the duration. The tone is a thrilling cross between Steven Spielberg's jittery Munich and the decadent pathos of Boogie Nights. For all of Assayas's empathy (and a deft lead turn by dgar Ramrez), you never lose sight of the man's monstrosity. A dazzling exfoliation of the roots of modern discontent, Carlos is staggering; no more important movie will be released this year.—Joshua Rothkopf

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