TONY Film's rep pick of the day: Chronicles of a Summer at French Institute Alliance Française

This doc looks at life in France's from a man-on-the-street POV

Chronicles of a Summer

Chronicles of a Summer

Did you hear the one about the two French ethnographer-documentarians who interviewed passerbys to talk about the state of the nation? Filmmakers Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin took their cameras into the bustling streets and talked to students, workers and everyday people about everything from the country's growing multiculturism to the nature of happiness. The result ended up being one of the earliest examples of cinema vérité, as well as a self-reflexive comment on the nature of capturing "truth" 24 frames per second. Check it out.

Chronicles of a Summer screens Tue, Nov 12 at 12:30, 4 and 7:30pm at French Institute Alliance Française.

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