TONY Film's rep pick of the day: Cocksucker Blues at Museum of Modern Art

Do not miss this rarely screened doc on the Stones circa ’72

Cocksucker Blues

Cocksucker Blues

There are behind-the-scenes rock docs, and then there's Robert Frank's 1972 portrait of the Rolling Stones as they hit the road. Rocking may be in short supply, but the banality of touring and the debauchery that accompanied the world's most dangerous band are on full display; this is the Stones Uncut, captured at a moment when Altamont was in the rearview window and the worst of their substance-abuse problems (as well as some amazing rocl albums) was right around the corner. Given that Frank's film has been banned for years, who knows when you'll get another chance to check this classic out again.

Cocksucker Blues screens Thu Nov 15 at 7pm, at Museum of Modern Art.

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