TONY Film's rep pick of the day: Get Carter at Anthology Film Archives

Michael Caine brings the pain in this ’70s Brit-pulp classic

Get Carter

Get Carter

"You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me, it's a full-time job." Forget, for a second, that Mike Hodges's 1971 Newcastle-noir nugget of a movie helped give birth to a certain strain of late ’90s Brit laddishness and a truly horrible Sylvester Stallone remake. This violent crime thriller proved that Michael Caine was the U.K.'s primo purveyor of flinty-sexy-cool, turning his gangland killer Jack Carter into a hard-man icon. The way that Hodges conjures up a curdled English underworld while adhering to the plot (Carter's brother has been offed; he wants answers and payback, in that order) with a shark-like focus, and the movie's unflinching portrayal of violence promtped Pauline Kael to dub it a work of "virtuoso viciousness." It's playing as part of Anthology's program devoted to the Warnes Archive Collection, and you owe it to yourself to see it on the big screen.

Get Carter screens Tues Nov 13, 7pm at Anthology Film Archives.

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