TONY Film's rep pick of the day: The Man in the White Suit at Film Forum

Alec Guinness invents some spotless haute couture in this classic Ealing comedy

The Man in the White Suit

The Man in the White Suit

Should someone ever ask for an example of why the comedies of Britain's Ealing Studios are still considered the pinacle of the country's comic output, you could do a lot worse than to show them Alexander Mackendrick's 1951 farce about an inventor (future Jedi master Alec Guinness) who invents an miracle fabric. Stains and clothing wear-and-tear are now a thing of the past—a development that his bosses and other powers that be are none too pleased with. Mackendrick went on to direct the caustic NYC parable Sweet Smell of Success, but the Scottish director's touch is more breezy than biting here. Still, the movie's digs at capitalism, consumerism and the industrial fatcat mindset couldn't seem more contemporary, and the jokes still feel tailored to fit perfectly.

The Man in the White Suit screens Mon, Nov 19 at 1, 2:45, 4:30, 6:15 and 9:55pm at Film Forum.

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