Watch some of the worst movies in the world at Brooklyn’s Bad Film Fest this weekend

Head down to Williamsburg’s Cloud City for a truly terrible two days of film

Fly on Out

Fly on Out

We've already recommended our pick of the best movies to see this weekend, but how about some of the worst? If you're the kind of person who enjoys midnight screenings of Troll 2 or The Room, then forget Tribeca—this is the film festival for you. Called Bad Film Fest, it's taking place at Cloud City in Williamsburg (the spiritual home of ironic snickering), and its lineup really is terrible. Consisting of over 50 short films submitted by budding filmmakers and screened over two days, it's a mixture of the gross, the weird and the just plain bad, although there are moments among the silliness that some people might genuinely enjoy. "Fly on Out," for example, has no acting or plot worth mentioning, but as far as high-speed film of Bed-Stuy goes, it's actually rather lovely:

But, yeah, most of the movies are utter swill. Craptacular highlights include the irresistibly titled "Piss Stop Massacre," in which a group of foulmouthed bros are viciously murdered while—congratulations, you guessed it!—making a pee stop:

The shot-in-five-hours-with-no-budget "B.A.M." (which is unlikely to ever actually be shown at the BAM, for obvious reasons):

And "Dad's Facebook Lookback," a parody of those nauseating Facebook Lookback movies, showing an account made for a user's dad that's never been used:

Bad Film Fest starts tonight at 7pm, and runs through Saturday, April 12. You can order tickets here (or, you know, you could also not. Your call.)

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