Aziz Ansari serves up first episode of Food Club: Which New York restaurants should he visit?

Ansari and his fellow comedians debut a food-focused Web series, and we suggest sites to mock in NYC

Food Club: Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner and Eric Wareheim

Food Club: Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner and Eric Wareheim

If you've listened to Aziz Ansari talk for more than five minutes, you know he loves food, talking about food and convincing people to give him money to go eat food with famous people (and, in one instance, a former Time Out New York staffer). So it goes: His latest project with YouTube network JASH is Food Club, in which Ansari and his crew Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric) and Jason Wolliner (Ansari's regular collaborator) wear captain's hats, eat themselves silly, and then either deem a chef worthy of a plaque or burn said plaque in front of the restaurant.

The video is worth a watch: It's silly, full of faux-highbrow pretension and an underlying, genuine appreciation for eats of all kinds. In light of the crew's trip to L.A.'s Wolvesmouth supper club, we'd like to offer a few locations the team should tackle for the undoubtedly forthcoming New York edition of Food Club.

The last remaining Gray's Papaya
The hot-dog shacks have all but died off. Why not immortalize (okay, YouTube–ize) the vanishing champ of quick, dirty dogs with a bunch of comics noting the floral bouquet of the slightly unidentifiable fruits in Gray's frothy shakes? Why not pound a plaque into the wall next to a giant cartoon hot dog in a chef's hat while confounded employees look on? Why not laugh rather than cry about the disappearing city?

Paul Liebrandt's King & Grove restaurant,
The Elm
If there are any people we'd want to watch ruffle the prickly, Michelin-starred feathers of tweezer-food demigod Liebrandt, it's Ansari & Co. Plop the wise-guy trio into Liebrandt's pristine kitchen and let them run rampant—we want to see 'em inspecting microgreens through oversize monocles, gabbing ex-girlfriend-style about Liebrandt's former restaurant Corton and getting reamed out for dolloping dishes with two dots of seaweed butter when there should be three, dammit.

Guy Fieri's American Kitchen & Bar

First, equip each with a bottle of whiskey and antacids—they'll need it for this one. Whip off those captain hats and let the Food Network star give the Food Club crew a 101 course on how exactly he gets a frost-tipped porcupine to perch on his head every day, and how many Quaaludes it takes to think up recipes like sashimi-wonton tacos, pepperoni-studded "Guy-talian Nachos" and whatever the hell Donkey Sauce is.

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