Compare the most common types of cuisine by NYC neighborhood

An NYU Furman Center study reveals the most prevalent type of restaurants by zip code, and no—pizza isn’t the most popular grub in every single 'hood

The General Greene

The General Greene

Looks like the trope of NYC having every type of ethnic food holds up under data-driven scrutiny. The curious folks at the NYU Furman Center scoured numbers from the Department of Health and Hygiene's food inspections to place the most common cuisines by zip code on a map of the city, putting the data in a simple, easy-to-visualize format. (Note that they excluded restaurants filed as "American.") And the city's diverse culinary scene is pretty impressive, though we do notice an abundance of Chinese and Italian food—not that we mind.

Besides those two common cuisines, which New Yorkers are notoriously crazy for, we noticed the prevalence of Polish food in Greenpoint, Russian in Brighton Beach and Greek in Astoria. No surprise there, but we're intrigued (and slightly jealous) as to why ice cream is so prevalent on the southern tip of Staten Island. Check out the map below, and if you'd like to dig further into the data and find the top three most common cuisines in your zip code, click over to the NYU Furman Center.

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Image courtesy the NYU Furman Center

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