Dairy Queen is open in New York this weekend: Here’s where to go nearby when the line gets too long

We’ve got the backups you’ll need if you don’t want to wait for that Blizzardy goodness.

Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock

Memorial Day is here (huzzah!). There’s so much awesome stuff going on this three-day weekend—but one thing you (and everyone else) will no doubt want to do is visit the brand-spankin’ new Dairy Queen on 14th Street. For a city that has no shortage of ice cream shops, we sure do like our middle-America chains.

So go forth and get yourself a Blizzard this weekend (we’ll be trying for the exclusive Big Apple concoction with apple-pie chunks—OMG). And if the line proves too long and you gotta get your frozen-treat fix fast, head to any one of these worthy options not too far from DQ.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

The original truck is gone (it used to be conveniently located at Broadway and 17th), but that’s because we’ve got not one but two brick-and-mortar locations for all your gayest ice cream fantasies. DQ is close to Union Square, so hop on a train and head east or west (shops are in both corners of the Village) and get your fill of Salty Pimps, Bea Arthurs and more.

  1. Various locations

16 Handles

If you like your frozen goodness DIY-style, this is the place for you. Self-serve 16 Handles locations are scattered across the city, but the one on 10th Street and Second Avenue is just a short walk from what is probably the longest line in the city this weekend. Do like we do and get a bowl of candy with just a dollop of fro-yo. There’s no judgment at 16 Handles, only sweet, sweet, frozen action.

  1. Various locations

Tasti d Lite

The OG of lo-cal New York frozen desserts (it even inspired an episode of Seinfeld), Tasti can’t compete with DQ for deliciousness, but in a pinch, you could do worse than this city staple. The closest location is on Second Avenue and 9th Street, but there are shops all over the city. The best part is that because it’s lo-cal (what exactly is Tasti d Lite, anyway?), you can have one and then come back again later and try DQ!

  1. Locations throughout the city