DIY doughnuts: A syringe is the weapon of choice

You can now inject filling into your doughnuts with a syringe. Because Brooklyn.

Apparently, hibiscus-laced or sriracha-spiked doughnuts are now just too mainstream, so Williamsburg café St. Balmain has come up with the latest in baked-good novelty: fill-your-own doughnuts, using a syringe. The $5 sugarcoated rounds come with an injector filled with vanilla crème, strawberry jam or chocolate so you can channel your inner pastry chef—or doctor, if that’s your thing—and cram your favorite filling into the treat. The DIY sweets are a new addition to St. Balmain’s offerings, as is a full brunch menu that includes avocado toast and meatball subs.

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Editor: Marley Lynch (@marleyasinbob)

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