Free Nutella Cronut Holes—yes, you read that correctly

In honor of the beloved spread’s 50th anniversary, Dominique Ansel will give out free Nutella Cronut Holes on May 19

Photograph courtesy Dominique Ansel Bakery

The chocolate-hazelnut spread is having quite the week—this past Monday night, Mario Batali’s monster market Eataly debuted a Nutella Bar, drawing lines around the block for Nutella-slathered brioche, muffins and crepes. Now the chocolatey confection is teaming up with a fellow beloved treat: the Cronut.

To celebrate the spread’s 50th anniversary this year, Dominique Ansel will be personally handing out 2,000 Nutella Cronut Holes at the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza from 10am to 2pm on Monday, May 19. The collaboration will last for one day only and you can bet those Nutella-filled bites will draw serious crowds—better start planning your line of attack now.