Get Cinco de Mayo deliciously wrong with the top five mayos from Empire Mayonnaise

Because someone, somewhere, probably thought this holiday was about mayonnaise (maybe)

Photograph courtesy of Empire Mayonnaise

According to legend, there’s a second, non-Mexican-related reason to commemorate May 5: “Sinko de Mayo,” the day of the Titanic’s demise. The great ship didn’t just sink our Leo DiCaprio–loving hearts, but also 12,000 jars of Hellmann’s mayonnaise that were meant to dock in Veracruz, Mexico. Although the myth has been debunked, we believe nothing should stop us from honoring the versatile condiment, so we enlisted mayo pro Corinne Butler from Empire Mayonnaise to find out what the shop’s five top-selling flavors are. Here’s what New York mayo addicts are into: 

1. For the fancy mayo lover: White truffle 
"It's incredibly decadent—I like to pretend I'm rich when I'm eating it. Definitely our classiest product."

2. For the Thai-takeout junkie: Sriracha 
"We do an all-natural version, so it's a beautiful way to experience sriracha without all the nasty chemicals."

3. Because duh: Bacon 
"Well, this is a no-brainer! People actually tweet us at four in the morning saying they just ate an entire jar when they're drunk."

4. For the gum-equipped: Roasted garlic 
"It's creamy, nutty and a vampire-repellent—it's so potent!"

5. For the sandwich-spread purist: Classic 
"This one actually took a long time to develop. We use organic lemon oil, and it's so good—there's nothing plain about it."

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