Hipster foodie calamity: Is sriracha sauce doomed?

The sriracha factory has been declared a public nuisance, but that didn’t stop Time Out Los Angeles’s intrepid reporters from checking it out

Sriracha factory tour

Sriracha factory tour Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Rumors have been swirling for months about the impending sriracha shortage, as Williamsburg's favorite condiment faces an uncertain future. The hot sauce first got in hot water toward the end of last year, when residents of Irwindale, California—where the sauce is manufactured by Huy Fong Foods—complained that the spicy fumes wafting from the factory were causing all sorts of health problems. Now, the factory's had an official notice from the City Council, declaring it a public nuisance and giving it just 90 days to fix the problem or face the consequences.

For some, this news will be met with a shrug, but sriracha has a very loyal and vocal fan base in this town, and it's a safe bet that hair will be pulled and teeth will be gnashed if the factory closes down for good. But fear not, rooster fanatics: There are other hot sauces out there. We asked our friends at Time Out Los Angeles for their advice on what we should be drowning our cheap dumplings in if the worst happens, because (a) they're much closer to the source of the sauce than we are, and (b) they've actually toured the sriracha factory. (Also, L.A. just tends to know a lot about hot sauce in general.) Time Out Los Angeles editor Sara Fay told us this: "Cholula. It's going to get hip again, so they should get smart now." You heard it here first!

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