International patty chain Big Smoke Burger debuts in Chelsea

The Canadian company flips made-to-order burgers with elaborate toppings

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Big Smoke

The latest contender in New York’s great patty pantheon arrives via our northern neighbor, Canada, where founder Mustafa Yusuf started his international burger chain in 2007, expanding to the U.S., Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. But unlike some burger-flipping franchises, the six-ounce rounds are made to order and range from the classic (a cheddar-hooded variety) to the elaborate, like a lamb version topped with cilantro-feta spread or the restaurant’s namesake, amped up with horseradish mayo, smoked cheddar and caramelized onions. For sides, expect old-school picks like hand-cut fries and onion rings, as well as the ultimate Canuck gut-buster: poutine, drenched in Ontario cheese curds and gravy. There are no cutbacks when it comes to milkshakes either: Three scoops of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream go into each frothy concoction. 70 Seventh Ave between 14th and 15th Sts (917-475-1995,


Classic burger, $6.95
Cheeseburger with smoked white cheddar, $7.95
Veggie burger on a whole-wheat bun, $7.95
Grilled chicken-breast burger, $8.95
Double cheeseburger, $11.95
Organic grass-fed beef burger on a whole-wheat bun, $9.95
Spicy burger with caramelized onions, spicy chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato, $7.95
Blue burger with gorgonzola, avocado, rosemary-garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato, $8.95
Big Smoke burger with horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, lettuce and tomato, $8.95
Red burger with Gorgonzola, roasted red peppers, rosemary-garlic mayo and lettuce, $8.95
Lamb burger with cilantro-feta spread, lettuce and tomato, $9.50
Crazy burger with jalapeño Havarti, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, barbecue sauce, hot peppers and lettuce, $7.95
Craft burger with sautéed mushrooms, rosemary-garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato, $7.95
Green burger with goat cheese, roasted red peppers, cilantro-feta spread and lettuce, $8.95
Grilled-chicken salad with mixed greens and house-made balsamic dressing, $9.95

Hand-cut fries, $4.25
Onion rings, $3.95
Poutine with Ontario cheese curds and gravy, $6.50
Mixed greens, $4.95

Old-fashioned milkshakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), $4.50
Boylan soda, $2.50