Live from New York, it's…Saturday Night Live ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's to launch two SNL-inspired flavors at its Scoop Shops

Ben & Jerry's gave us quite the scoop via Twitter: Soon you can curl up on the couch to watch Saturday Night Live with an SNL "sketch-inspired" pint. Flavors will roll out throughout the year, but we couldn't wait for the big reveal. Instead, we decided to play flavor creator on behalf of the famous Vermont creamery. Here are the pints we've dreamt up for Scoop Shops and grocery aisles across America:

What Is Sean Cone-ery?
We'd go ape tits for a decadent, Double Jeopardy double chocolate with waffle-cone chunks. And if you don't like it, then suck it, Trebek!

Stefon's Cooked-Up Gay Candyland
Like our favorite city correspondent, a gumdrop-and-lollipop–studded passion-fruit sorbet would be fabulous and a little flamboyant. After a few sweet spoonfuls, you'd be sugar-high-ready for a rave.

More (and More) Cowbell
The only cure/prescription for our sketchy ice cream fever is this pint of holiness. We're thinking that milk (obviously) chocolate cowbells fill the entire carton—with just a scoop or two of coffee ice cream here and there—simply because there can never be enough cowbell.

Lazy Sundae
One word: Magnolia. We'd like to think that Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell, the anything-but-hardcore duo that inspired us all to see The Chronicles of Narnia while munching on cupcakes, would love this imaginary banana-pudding ice cream—complete with vanilla wafers!—inspired by the renowned NYC bakery.

Special Christmas Box (er, Pint?)
We couldn't help but think up a promiscuous "Dick in the Box"–inspired flavor for the holidays: a classic vanilla ice cream with pretzel-rod core, swirled with marshmallow and peanuts.

Hankering for more? Tell us your funny flavor ideas!