Pie flicks: A ranking of the greatest videos by pizza maestros Roberta’s

From their traditional Bushwick Block Party to a poetic time-lapse of their garden coming to life, the team at Roberta’s sure knows how to take creativity beyond the pizza oven

Sure, we've all done the hour-long wait at Roberta's for a slice of their fantastic pies. (Okay, who are we kidding? An entire pizza all to ourselves.) But it takes a true Roberta's fan to know their ChimeraDactyl productions, so we've decided to rank our five favorites.

5. Bushwick Block Party 2010

Nothing says par-tay! like a mash-up of monster trucks, neon-colored captions and an evil-eyed pig, and that’s the magic combo that they used to announce their Bushwick Block Party in 2010. With that video, a tradition was born.

4. Roberta’s Garden Spring 2014

“Spring is the beginning of many things,” promises the voiceover in this just-released time-lapse of the Roberta’s garden as it gets transformed from postwinter desert to warm-weather party central. Watch the plants grow, and get ready for a summer of endless calzones and beer.

3. Team Awesome Space Pizza

In a mission to reinvent fast food, the Team, led by self-declared pizza guru Anthony Falco, figures out that fresh, local ingredients and educating the community about them are the keys to better pizza. These epiphanies happen, of course, against a background of stars, spaceships and galaxy-soaring slices of pie.

2. Roberta’s Ren-Faire

For last year’s ill-fated Great GoogaMooga, the Roberta’s folks got the crowds psyched with a supercut featuring awesome medieval scenes (including The Sword in the Stone, obviously), cartoon dragons and knights running across the screen, and an invitation for guests to dress up as their favorite Game of Thrones character “and enter a contest to become the nerdiest person on earth.”

1. Bushwick Block Party 2012

The 2010 and 2011 block-party videos were just a warm-up. For 2012, the promo featured ninja fight scenes, mariachi music, video-game graphics and the promise of party highlights like “Dirtbikes! Sharks! Girls! And balls!” If that doesn’t make you want to go to the bash and dance your head off, we don’t know what will.

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