The Hangover Club promises to make your morning after less miserable

When a greasy breakfast sandwich and a Coke won’t do—and you have $79 to spare­—this pop-up service is here to save the post–drunk day

Photograph: Shutterstock

The first rule of Hangover Club is: We need to talk about Hangover Club. With the promise of “curing your hangover on your lunch break,” the service is set to hit the city this Friday. Five locations are spread around midtown, Soho and the Financial District, offering pampering services like foot-and-shoulder massages and IV hydration, administered by "Hangover Specialists" who are registered nurses in New York hospitals and, as per the photos on their website, all look like hot Grey’s Anatomy interns.

On weekdays, you can head to Club headquarters for a “wet lunch” package, which includes a B12-and-antioxidant booster, plus an “inflammation, pain and nausea” elixir for $79 (down from $150). And if you’re in rough shape during the weekend, you can get a home visit, too. For hard-core hangover warriors, the Club offers one-month memberships for $49, with perks like complimentary hair-of-the-dog cocktails and a free session for that friend you forced to stay out with you until 4am last night. You're also encouraged to plan in advance for a year's worth of hangovers, and enter the drawing for one of five premium memberships, which include one free session a month of any package at any location, and free oxygen-bar sessions. Of course, there’s always another option: to actually mean it when you say, “’I’ll never drink like that again.” But we all know that’s not going to happen.