Which food trends are on the rise in New York, and which food trends are dead?

Cronuts and cupcakes are over, ramen’s on the rise, and kale ain’t going anywhere anytime soon

The Royal Wing at Blue Ribbon

The Royal Wing at Blue Ribbon Photograph: Dominic Perri

Most of 2014 has been spent mulling over what food will be the next Cronut (just yesterday, we tossed the waffle into the contender pool). But rather than rely on mere buzz or speculation, we turned to Google Trends, which measures the search interest in a topic, plots it on a graph and predicts when it'll reach its peak. We searched dozens of food items and drinks to see what's over, what's hot right now and what's going to take off soon. Because it's Google, the data is constantly changing, but here's what we uncovered.



Peaked: December 2007 

Tequila is so over, it may even be due for a comeback.


Peaked: September 2010

San Francisco is in the midst of a toast craze, but as usual, New York was way ahead of the curve on this one.


Peaked: October 2011

Sorry, Cienfuegos, but rum peaked several years ago. The craze is done.


Peaked: February 2012

The only surprise here is that cupcakes didn’t peak back when Sex and the City was still on the air.


Peaked: June 2013
It just goes to show, even mutant dessert foods only have so much life in them.


Peaked: June 2013

Coincidence? We think not. Thanks a lot, Cronuts, your relentless hype even killed your own ancestors!


Peaked: November 2013

We're kind of surprised the biscuit still isn't on the rise, what with the überpopular Empire Biscuit, but hopefully the its decline might pave the way for the rise of other baked goods.


Peaked: November 2013

Yeah, once sriracha starts showing up as chip and doughnut flavors, it's over.
 Especially when the factory’s about two months from closing

Future hotness


Projected to peak: January 2015

New York is a noodle-loving city, and our ramen obsession is on the rise, thanks to big-name slurp shops including Ivan Ramen and a forthcoming joint, Okonomi, from Yuji Haraguchi (Yuji Ramen).


Projected to peak: January 2015

Goddamn it, Brooklyn.

Fried chicken

Projected to peak: February 2015

Between Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Sweet Chick and the slew of Southern-twanged restaurants in NYC, how has fried-chicken mania not reached its peak? We can’t wait to see how crazy this one gets.


Projected to peak: April 2015

One of the most underrated spirits, tequila's smoky cousin is going to have its moment soon.
 Trust us, we’re half a bottle in as we make these predictions.


Projected to peak: April 2015

Though the fermented veg hit an all-time high in August 2013, it looks like it will be back in vogue next spring. Woo-hoo!

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