Best new hair treatments

From extensions made of feathers and tinsel to low-maintenance dye jobs, discover the hottest hair trends and where to get them.

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    Fringe Salon

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    TONY senior online developer William Foster before (left) and after receiving Forbici at Barbiere

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    TONY associate photo editor Jolie Ruben models hair feathering from Ethereal Boutique

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     A side view of hair feathering from Ethereal Boutique

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    TONY senior designer Allison Duda before (left) and after receiving Hair Painting at Mizu

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    The back view of Hair Painting at Mizu

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    TONY freelancer Melanie Barnes before (left) and after receiving Hair Slimming at Georgia Product & Salon

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    The back view of Hair Slimming at Georgia Product & Salon

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    TONY associate Web editor Eva Medoff before (left) and after receiving Lacing at Gerard Bollei

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    A side view of Lacing at Gerard Bollei

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    Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor


Fringe Salon

Baroness Wave at Fringe Salon
When you think of a perm, chances are images of shoulder pads and crimped locks flash before your eyes. But if you've ever wanted red-carpet-worthy barrel curls without having to visit a stylist every day, Fringe's modern take on the totally '80s treatment will have you thinking differently. After you're washed and towel-dried, stylist Antonia Troiano rubs Fringe's house-made grooming cream and thickening spray through your mane. She'll then break out the throwback perm rods and lay them vertically on sections of hair in the front, dragging strands down and rolling them up into little triangles at a 90-degree angle to the head like you would with pin curls. Finally, she'll let your tresses diffuse for five minutes (eight minutes for coarser locks) until they're dry and flip your head over to shake out your new relaxed spirals, which will be soft and loopy. Results will last for at least eight weeks on fine, straight hair, but can stick with you for nine months if your curls are heaven-sent. $150. 248 Broome St at Orchard St (212-674-8383,

Forbici at Barbiere
Modeled after an old-school Italian barbershop, Barbiere has been giving gents this textured cut since it opened last year. It begins like any other service at the men's salon: Head barber Anthony Tapia wraps a warm towel around your neck to allay any scissor phobias, then lifts hair from the roots and blunt-cuts it with shears. Once he's assured that the lengths are balanced on each side, he'll take shark-toothed scissors and chisel your locks, creating texture and loosening up strands so they can breathe. Tapia swears you can tell the difference between a basic and textured cut, and it doesn't take much more time to get one—you'll in be in and out of the chair in just 30 minutes. $36 (normally $40). Mention TONY to receive this discount through April 14. 246 E 5th St between Cooper Sq and Second Ave (646-649-2640,

Hair Feathering at Ethereal Boutique
One of the most unique hair trends to emerge is offered not at a salon, but within the confines of a store: For the past year, tribal-art designer Masha Lunara has been fastening her handcrafted feather extensions to the heads of fashionistas at Long Island City's Ethereal Boutique. Lunara sources rooster feathers from California to create her signature extensions, which resemble tiny braids and function as chemical-free lowlights or highlights when clipped into tresses. Her favorite look comes from adding six to seven feathers in neutral shades that complement your hair and eye color, but she will dye them in bright hues like blue and green if you prefer a more brazen look. The feathers are cut to match the length of your hair, and they'll last for three months before you're due for a retouch. If you see Lunara every quarter, you can keep them in for a year and blow-dry, curl or flatiron your heart out, so long as the temperature isn't high. Keep hair conditioner away from your roots and avoid hair masks (both of which weaken the bonds of the extensions) in order to maintain them even longer, unless your goal is to remove them yourself. Lunara recommends having her take them out with a special tool to avoid damage, but you can go DIY by rubbing oil into the seams. One strand $18 (normally $20), eight strands $108 (normally $120). Mention TONY to receive this discount through April 30th. 47-38 Vernon Blvd between 47th and 48th Aves, Long Island City, Queens (718-482-8884,

Hair painting at Mizu
Hollywood A-listers like Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel have popularized ombr color (officially known as balayage), which refers to a dark-to-light fade from hair's midshaft to ends. At the stark-white, bi-level Mizu salon, stylist Miguel Angarita thumbs through your hair and teases it in layers to give the color texture before dabbing your desired hue onto dry locks free-form with a paintbrush. After spending 20 minutes under a rotating heat lamp, you'll be left with a soft, natural-looking gradient of color that lasts up to three months and, thanks to the untouched roots, grows out beautifully. $176 (normally $195). Mention TONY to receive this discount through April 30. 505 Park Ave between 59th and 60th Sts (212-688-6498,

Hair Slimming at Georgia Product & Salon
Georgia introduced this cut in January for big-haired girls who felt their dense manes were weighing them down. Skillful stylist Elizabeth Owusa applies her own intense moisturizing conditioner made with pomegranate oil to your freshly washed locks and leaves it in so she can cut with ease. Using normal, everyday scissors for a technique called slide-cutting, she'll part your hair down the middle into two sections and snip from a sideways angle to gradually remove bulk without chopping the length you've worked so hard to acquire. The low-maintenance cut lasts three to six months, and you don't have to be lugging around kinky hair to qualify—even those with pin-straight strands who seek more movement can benefit. Despite the fact that this curtained-off, two-seat salon is hidden at the rear of a beauty store, it books up fast, so plan on making an appointment two weeks in advance. $108 (normally $120). Mention TONY to receive this discount through April 14. 89A E Houston St between Bowery and Elizabeth St (646-827-2428,

Hair Tinseling at Cocoro Salon
California girls like Whitney Port and Ke$ha have been sporting sparkly tinsel strands sporadically woven throughout their manes for a fun, party-girl alternative to highlights. Though the glittery accents have largely been a West Coast phenomenon, Cocoro is one of the few salons in town up for the job. Choose from more than 20 shades of shimmering colored filaments (gold, silver, purple, blue, orange) that will be trimmed to match your hair's length (the longest is 36 inches and you can have them chopped short to create spunky bangs). A stylist ties each strand to the top of your tresses, and while they're guaranteed to withstand rigorous shampooings and daily attacks from your hot tools, you can easily take them out on your own with a simple tug whenever you need to desparkle. Each filament takes about two minutes to apply, and you'll need eight to ten pieces to jazz up a full head. $3--$5 per filament. 122 Ludlow St between Delancey and Rivington Sts (212-228-8388,

Lacing at Gerard Bollei
If dyeing your hair seems like doing a cannonball into unfamiliar territory, consider lacing to be more of a dip into the shallow end. Instead of all-over color, a stylist weaves razor-thin highlights in different shades of your overall desired hue throughout your locks to great dimensional effect. Once you're in the hands of celebrity colorist Tom Frasca, he'll size up your bone structure to determine the best placement for color, so that it highlights your eyes and cheeks (what he calls your "most expressive features"). Using a nonmetallic knife for precision, Frasca weaves a nuanced lattice of color using six percent peroxide, a mild lightener that lifts hair's natural pigment to make it one or two tones lighter than your God-given shade. He'll also work in a complementary hue onto adjacent strands for added depth. The result, which lasts two to four months, is natural-looking hair with more depth and contrast than virgin strands. The good news for color virgins is that he'll steer clear of your hairline, so if you decide that faux isn't your look, you don't have to be a repeat offender. $158 (normally $175). Mention TONY to receive this discount through June 30. 115 E 57th St between Park and Lexington Aves, third floor (212-759-7985,

Shusu Sleek at Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Launched at celebrity hairstylist Michael Angelo's playfully decorated salon in September, this paraben-free conditioning treatment smooths and softens your hair sans chemicals, providing frizz-fighters a safe, all-natural alternative to controversial keratin treatments. Using products from Japanese brand Shu Uemura's new Shusu Sleek hair-care line, a technician will cleanse your scalp with an oil massage (choose between warming jasmine or cooling eucalyptus) before spicy, floral-smelling black cumin oil is worked into wet hair using shiatsu techniques. You'll notice a softer you in the Venetian mirror as you get blown out in a clear Philippe Starck chair. Not only will the smoothness last for up to ten shampoos, but the treatment also resurfaces the hair fiber, leaving you with tresses that actually respond to styling attempts. $68 (normally $75). Mention TONY to receive this discount through April 30. 418 W 13th St between Ninth Ave and Washington St (212-524-2800,

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