Child's play

These kidlike workouts will make you feel young-and fit-again.

Booty slide

Remember slipping and sliding around the house in your socks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Well, this class, created and taught by celebrity fitness trainer Rebecca Kordecki, is just like that—only way harder. For 40 minutes, I slid, lunged and posed my way to a firmer body, all while wearing slippery—and adorable!—little booties and gloves. Never have I had so much fun while making my legs and arms shake like the earth around the San Andreas Fault. Location revealed upon appointment (917-628-7258, Tue 10am, Thu 9:30am. $40 per class, $175 for five classes, $350 for ten classes. —Lisa Freedman
Fitness level: 5 out of 6
Fun level: 5 out of 6


Last time I was on a trampoline, about 15 years ago, my friend Rob connected teeth-to-knee and needed extensive dental work as a result. A cautionary tale, to be sure, but there’s no reason not to enjoy bouncing toward the ceiling under professional supervision. Over the course of the one-and-a-half-hour class at the New York Trapeze School, I went from earthbound slug to (I shit you not) doing a back handspring into a backflip into a front flip. It’s a pretty decent workout too, especially if, like me, you live a largely nonaerial lifestyle. 518 W 30th St between Tenth and Eleventh Aves (212-242-8769, Classes offered Wed through Sat. $35 per class plus a $22 registration fee. —Drew Toal
Fitness level: 4 out of 6
Fun level: 5 out of 6


There’s no purer childhood pastime than hip gyrating. As an adult, you can only do it without looking ridiculous at dance clubs or Hoopnotica, a hula hooping class where the activity is considered a full-body cardio workout. With the help of my private instructor, Sheryl Wilson, I learned the correct ways to sway in an oversize weighted hoop. By the end, I was able to walk while hooping, do a 360-degree spin and rotate the hoop around my hand. I left feeling impressed, and sweaty. A private lesson for one, $100 per hour; two to four students, $50 per person per hour; five to ten students, $25 per person per hour; more than ten students, $20 per person per hour. E-mail Wilson at —Rachel LeWinter
Fitness level: 3 out of 6
Fun level: 4 out of 6

Juggling class

I’m a bozo: I learned to juggle three balls as a teenager because I thought it’d help me score girls—it didn’t work. But it was nice to dust off my secret talent in this hour-long class led by 21-year jugglin’ vet Roderick Kimball, who can sustain seven balls in the air simultaneously. I patiently worked on kick-ups, foot stalls, between-the-leg throws and other Cirque de Soleil--type feats. Admittedly, most of the exercise comes from having to pick the damn balls up off the floor, but it was nice to revisit my secret pastime. In fact, it never felt like a workout. 137 W 14th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves ( Mon 4:30pm, Tue 5:30pm. $20 for one hour, $30 for two hours. —James Y. Lee
Fitness level: 2 out of 6
Fun level: 4 out of 6

Jump start

When faced with the choice between Crunch’s pogo stick class and a jump-rope bonanza, my unbalanced self picked the latter. This 30-minute class started with two straight minutes of jumping rope (that’s a long time!), then progressed to squats, push-ups on a medicine ball, lunges, some choreographed steps, and then the series was (painfully) repeated. At the end, I would have jumped for joy, only I promised my legs I’d never make them do that again. Ever. 54 E 13th St between Broadway and University Pl (212-475-2018, Mon 10:30am * 25 Broadway between Battery Pl and Morris St (212-269-1067, Wed 12:15pm. Free to gym members, or $24 for the class and day pass for nonmembers.—LF
Fitness level: 6 out of 6
Fun level: 4 out of 6

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