Get buzzed, buffed and laid

Seven activities to burn your beer belly and land a date-all while throwing back a pint.

With summer under way, you’ve got three priorities: shedding your winter padding, kicking back with a cold one and getting some. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your brew to banish your beer belly, so you can pursue all three quests at once. Ounce for ounce, beer has fewer calories than wine or liquor. And lest you think exercise and brewskis don’t mix, new research shows that a frosty pint may work better than water in helping your body rehydrate after a workout. “There are many studies that support consuming carbohydrates and sodium after exercise as a means of helping the body recover nutritionally,” says Monique Ryan, MS, RD, LDN, author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes—though she notes she might suggest something other than beer for her clients. Despite Ryan’s recommendations otherwise, to celebrate the best scientific discovery this year, we’ve put together a list of the hottest ways to get buff—and some summer lovin’—with a buzz on.


There are no bongs affiliated with this sport, just beer and a whole lot of running. Members of New York’s Hash House Harriers (—so-called “drinkers with a running problem”—make like a pack of hounds and hunt down a “hare,” another member who has laid down a chalk or paper trail ahead of time. Four- to six-mile runs can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on whether the group gets lost. The best part about finding the finish line? It’s always inside a bar, and $15 covers all your beer and grub.

Burn factor: 6 out of 6
700 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 4 out of 6
“We’ll drink anywhere from two to five beers, and many buy more as the night goes on,” says New York Hash House Harriers joint master Lauren Whitney.

Booty factor: 6 out of 6
“There’s plenty of hooking up going on. Frankly, we love getting new people because it can get a bit incestuous!”

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Bike the Big Apple’s Great Brew, View and Chocolate Tour

Who put chocolate in my beer? Who put beer on my chocolate? The boys at Bike the Big Apple ( help you burn off your favorite vices with a 12-mile ride through the East Village and Brooklyn. Tone your quads, calves and butt, while making pit stops at the Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop and Brooklyn Brewery. It’ll cost you $80, including bike rental. or $70 if you have your own.

Burn factor: 2 out of 6
200 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 2 out of 6
“I’ve never had to forcefully cut anyone off, but I have opted to take people back on the subway,” says tour guide Jesse McDonough.

Booty factor: 3 out of 6
“I wouldn’t say it’s like going out on the LES on a Saturday night, but we do get a fair amount of single people on the rides,” says McDonough, who, we might mention, offered to pose naked for Time Out’s Horny issue.

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Bowling at the Gutter Bar

From the people who brought you Barcade, the Gutter Bar ( is the perfect place to let off steam and burn a few calories. Believe it or not, bowling works your abs, back and glutes, as well as your arm(s). With only eight lanes, you may have to do some carb-loading at the bar before you get a chance to play. But with 12 microbrews on tap, you might forget you came to bowl in the first place. Games cost $6 before 8pm, $8 per game after, and to rent those snazzy shoes you’ll have to lay out $2.

Burn factor: 1 out of 6
175 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 4 out of 6
For those who like an early-evening workout, get $3 off pitchers every night before 8pm.

Booty factor: 5 out of 6
With Billyburg hipsters, unisex bathrooms and beers named Sixpoint Sweet Action and Climax E.S.B., our Magic 8 Ball says, “Outlook good.”

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Hula Night at Tortilla Flats

Burn off a Corona quicker than you can say “olé” with Wednesday-night hula-hooping contests at Tortilla Flats ( The wall-to-wall people alone will get you sweating in this kitschy, crowded and more than a little loco Tex-Mex hot spot. What’s the secret to stealing the title of hula champion? Owner Andy Secular says the more you drink, the better (more vigorous) your hooping skills become. Admission is free, which means you can lay out more for beer.

Burn factor: 5 out of 6
600 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 6 out of 6

Booty factor: 6 out of 6
“If you can’t seal the deal here, you’ve got a problem,” says Secular.

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Beach volleyball at Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach

Build flexibility, agility and strength—not to mention get a killer tan—on the sandy volleyball courts at the Water Taxi Beach ( in Long Island City. While you’re busy serving the ball to your bikini-clad opponents, bartenders at Harry’s, the on-site tiki hut, are spiking tropical fruit drinks and frozen lemonade. Run by Schnack owner Harry Hawk, the bar also serves Black Angus beef and vegan hot dogs, award-winning burgers, chips and fries. In workout speak, that’s carbs for energy and protein for muscle repair. Admission varies.

Burn factor: 2 out of 6
250 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 5 out of 6
If you’re sweating in the sun all day, remember to alternate your beer with water or nonalcoholic frozen lemonade.

Booty factor: 6 out of 6
Thumping house music Thursdays through Sundays turns this event into a beach-party hook-up scene straight out of MTV. It’s like the Hamptons, but for the not-so-jet-setting crowd.

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Punk-Rock Pillow Fighting

“A punk-rock pillow fight can definitely take the wind out of you,” says league founder Andrew Thompson, a.k.a. Andrew WK ( “Imagine five to six mattresses tied together. Now imagine bouncing on them for five minutes while getting beat upon by some stranger who wants to win as badly as you do. The results are akin to a full sprint on the beach. Your legs will shake and your heart will pound and you will be laughing the whole time.” Laughter, by the way, burns as many as 40 calories in 15 minutes. That’s almost half a bottle of Amstel Light, so yuk it up. Junto Gallery ( hosts the next feather dustup on July 4 at 7pm. Admission is free.

Burn factor: 4 out of 6
400 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 6 out of 6
“Most people seem to need beer muscles to battle. The more liquid courage people have, the more likely we’ll see a good bout,” says Thompson.

Booty factor: 5 out of 6
“Having a heap of mattresses in the middle of a drunken crowd is like telling a bunch of kids that the babysitter is locked out of the house.”

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Swimming at the Room-Mate Grace hotel

With underwater music and a swim-up bar in the middle of Times Square, the pool at Room-Mate Grace (, formerly the Hotel QT, is still relatively unknown—perfect for getting your laps in. Glass walls surround the four-foot-deep pool, so swimmers should be prepared for ogling. If you’re not a guest at the hotel, you’re required to pay $10 for a pool pass (you’ll also have access to the sauna and Jacuzzi); you must buy drinks to use the pool and you can enter when the bar opens at 5:30pm.

Burn factor: 3 out of 6
350 calories per hour

Buzz factor: 4 out of 6
Security guards keep things from getting out of hand. out of 6

Booty factor: 2 out of 6
… for now. The crowd can be hit or miss.