Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Defining Lotion

Oh, I’ve tried it all. Every serum and potion; every mousse and gel. I crossed my fingers each time I read the promises touted on my latest gleaming bottle of goo: sleek, springy curls, frizzless locks. Words like tame and smooth were ingrained in my lexicon long before my age hit the double digits. But it wasn’t until I found Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Defining Lotion in a Delaware drugstore in 2001 that my tragic tresses blossomed. From the first time I worked that ectoplasmic potion from root to tip I was thrilled. Here was a product that delivered on its florid vows. My curls were soft—not crispy or wet-looking—and defined in long, appealing ripples. So devoted was I to its singular expertise, that when the lotion stopped appearing on the shelves of my local drugstore I sent away for it in bulk from an Ontario pharmacy, hoarding great cardboard crates of the stuff in my bedroom closet. Perhaps that’s why—even now that the product is readily available at any well-stocked drugstore for less than $8—I continue to stockpile it, regularly knocking four (or more) tall, tapered tubes into my shopping basket. Obsession can make you do some crazy things—just ask J. Lo. $7.99, at—Jordana Rothman

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