Scrubs and body treatments

Get the dirt off your shoulders---and the rest of you.

  • Photograph: Courtesy of Spa Hydra


    Spa Hydra

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    Dyanna Body Spa

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    Haven Spa

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    Caudalie Vinothrapie Spa at the Plaza

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    Relax on Cloud 9

Photograph: Courtesy of Spa Hydra


Spa Hydra

Caudalie Vinothrapie Spa at the Plaza: Red Vine Barrel Bath Plaza Hotel, 1 W 58th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves (212-265-3182, $75. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for a 15-day supply of Caudalie Vinexpert Dietary Supplements with every Barrel Bath treatment purchased through Feb 3.
The Red Vine Barrel Bath (so named because the vessel you're in is reminiscent of a wine barrel) is a speedy but satisfying break. After changing into my own swimsuit—though disposables are offered—and slipping off the spa's comfy robe and slippers, I was led to a sweet-smelling treatment room and into a large tub. I rested my head on rolled towels to enjoy a ten-minute cranial massage while carafes of red-vine extract and essential oils were poured into the bubbling Jacuzzi, making the room even more fragrant. I left with soft skin and loose muscles.
Best part: Following the head massage I soaked in an enormous hot tub of essential oils for 15 minutes  while spritzing Caudalie's famous Grape Water on my face. Every aspect of the process—from the decor of the treatment room and the location at the Plaza Hotel to the aroma of the oils—screams luxury, but it was totally affordable.
Why it's worth it: Though this luxe treatment is short, the included cranial massage makes it seem like a two-for-one deal.—Annemarie Dooling 

Relax on Cloud 9: Peppermint foot scrub 694 Clove Rd at Martling Ave, Staten Island (718-448-3412, Regularly $30. TONY deal Mention TONY to get this service for $15 with the purchase of any massage or facial through Mar 1.
As soon as I sank into the massage table, the fragrance of peppermint coaxed me into relaxation mode. Therapist Claudia massaged coarse salts into my well-worn soles and heels. After she switched to a cool peppermint lotion, her strong fingers explored every part of my feet and toes, which she then wrapped in warm towels. Scents change with the season—look for chocolate or champagne and roses in February.
Best part: All throughout, I was snuggled under soft covers with a warm eye pillow. It wasn't long before I felt like I really was floating on a cloud.
Why it's worth it: The experience was easy to squeeze into my schedule, and I strode out of the spa feeling ready to conquer the world. —Amy Padnani

Haven: Scrub M.E. and Clarify M.E. 150 Mercer St between W Houston and Prince Sts (212-343-3515, Each regularly $50. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking or when you pay to receive 10 percent off these treatments through Feb 15.
Haven's "Mini Escape" services are designed to be quick, to-the-point treatments, but the moment I stepped into the plush service room I knew I was about to be spoiled. The body scrub started with technician Martha vigorously applying a powerhouse blend of coarse sea salt and divine-smelling essential oils from my toes to my shoulders, front and back (modest types can request a towel to cover up their chests). Next, she rinsed me off with a handheld showerhead, swaddled me in towels and slathered me with lavender body lotion. The facial (Clarify M.E.) was similarly efficient but thorough: Technician Tina settled me in front of the steamer and proceeded to cleanse, exfoliate and tone my dry-but-oily skin with a soothing progression of swipes and warm towels. When it was time for the dreaded extraction process, I was so relaxed, I barely flinched under her touch.
Best part: Everything—from the room temperature and towels to the water and body scrub—was satisfyingly warm, making the experience an especially aah-inducing treat on a 32-degree day.
Why it's worth it: The treatments are only 30 minutes each, but I never felt like I was being rushed through the process. Better yet, I found the results to be comparable to past treatments that easily took twice as long—and cost twice as much.—Linley Taber

Dyanna Body and Nail Spa: Pomegranate Red-Apple Full Body Scrub 40 E 21st St between Broadway and Park Ave South (212-995-2355, Regularly $50. TONY deal Mention TONY when making an appointment and get a free manicure with this scrub; through Feb 2.
As I lay on a massage table, "Magic Hands" Alex first used a dry body brush to exfoliate my skin. She then rubbed an apple-scented scrub (made of three essential oils and other secret, yummy-smelling ingredients) on my legs, arms, hands and upper chest. A loofah cleaned off the mixture while sloughing away rough skin. Finally, a cool, smooth lotion was massaged into my skin. As there's no shower at Dyanna, Alex used warm washcloths to clean the lotions off, leaving me surprisingly clean and unsticky.
Best part: The apple scrub, which starts out cool, heated when applied to my body. After I showered at home, my usually dry legs and arms were smoother than a baby's you-know-what.
Why it's worth it: For one thing, the blankets were so soft and cozy it was hard not to fall asleep. The room was also pleasantly dark except for an apple-scented candle; and the little apple-themed touches (lotion in an apple-shaped container and the dark-red scrub) all contributed to the experience.—Rachel Sokol

Spa Hydra: Lavender Salt Glow 3511 36th St between 35th and 36th Aves, Long Island City, Queens (718-267-7991, Regularly $70. TONY deal Mention TONY at booking to receive a free citrus manicure (usually $20) with the purchase of a Lavender Salt Glow treatment through Feb 28.
To start, the technician eased away my stress by running me through some breathing exercises while applying light pressure and lavender oils to my temples and forehead. After covering my eyes with a lavender-scented mask, she applied a warm, not too herbaly scrub to my feet as I lay face-up, meticulously massaging the hot salt up my left and right sides and, when I flipped over, my back and shoulders.
Best part: The treatment concludes in a dark-stone waterfall shower with four heads to wash everything off, which wasn't so much invigorating as it was another source of warmth to lull and comfort me.
Why it's worth it: Personalization gives this deal extra oomph. I filled out a card detailing the spots where I hold tension before the treatment started, and then got lots of time devoted to my neck and shoulders. (An extra arm massage with the citrus manicure didn't hurt either.)—Mallory Gelert